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Can you swing the vote?

From being escorted off BBC Breakfast to accidently punching a cat on camera, the EU referendum campaign has been a disaster. Trailing in the polls, there seems no hope of winning round the public and storming to victory in this final week of campaigning. But wait, what's this? After some expert reconnaissance, you've found the opposition campaign's secret war room! Now is your chance. Break in, leak as much dirt and damning evidence about the opposition to the press as you can before the vote closes, to pull the referendum back in your favour!

Pick a side, win the referendum. Can you swing the vote?

Or perhaps an escape room gift voucher?

Give the gift of another referendum!

Our favourite Brexit escape room characters said...

Spiffing experience all round.

Jacob Crease-Logg (probably)

Great way to spend an afternoon after you've stepped down from a big job.

David Cameraman (maybe)

Great fun, I love referendums

Nicola Treesurgeon (likely)