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What's an online escape room?

A great way of having the fun of an escape room with your friends, but online rather than in person!

Simply purchase an online escape room from us, and you'll recieve a unique code (one purchase covers a whole group, check the game for group size limits).

Then assemble your team on a voice or video call (for example Zoom), and follow the instructions in your confirmation email. It'll tell you to all go to a specific website link and each enter the unique code to start your own group game.


Please note you'll all need to access the game via computer or laptop for it to work.


Once it gets going, just enjoy the ride!

How are you dealing with Coronavirus?

Due to the current lockdown, we are only selling gift vouchers for our physical rooms, ready for when they re-open.

We do however have some online escape room games for you to play! Check them out...

What are you, Alternate Escapes?

We're a provider of great times. Life is really quite serious, and so we're dedicated to injecting fun and humour into your lives, through the medium of escape room type experiences. You'll solve puzzles and take on unique challenges in a team, to achieve some kind of in no way over dramatic objective.

We do these through both online and in person escape room experiences!

What's an escape room?

Escape rooms are live action games where you and a bunch of others work together to solve puzzles, discover clues and accomplish tasks to achieve a specific goal, within a limited time frame. This might be escaping the room, but it can also be a completely different objective. 

Traditionally this has been in person, but we now have some online games that do the trick too!

What's the Battle of Brexit?

Our first in person escape room! Pick a campaign side and win the EU referendum in this parody heavy experience. You must break into the other teams war room, leak as much evidence as you can and swing the vote in your favour!

No political knowledge is required to play this - its a fun escape room, Brexit or no Brexit! And if you can't decide what side to pick, just pick "Surprise Us" at booking and we'll pick for you!

Unfortunately it is closed at the moment, but you can buy a gift voucher to play it once the government announces we can re-open safely.

Are escape rooms fun?

Like, so much fun.

Who are you suitable for?

If you're a great bunch of 2-6 people that are ages 16 and over, you're spot on to play one of our escape rooms. It's particulaly suitable for...



Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes! Our physical rooms are.


However some puzzles may need some adaptation, which means we need to allow more preparation time. Therefore rather than going through the booking page please contact us to make your booking by emailing us at




We're based in New Islington (just outside Manchester City Centre), on a site called Pollard Yard, a thriving community of creative businesses. Therefore if you visit, we encourage you to look around!

Our address is:

Unit 8 Pollard Yard
15 Pollard Street East
M40 7QX