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Bring your colleagues together with our virtual escape room experiences...

Covid-19 has been tough on business. Many teams have had to adapt quickly to remote working, and maintaining team morale is not easy. Keeping a connection and sense of 'team' across a business during this period of uncertainty takes a lot of work.

We wanted to do our bit. That's why we're launching a remote escape room experience for large corporate groups!


- Up to 100 people can play at once in this 90 minute adventure

- Solve puzzles and clues to achieve your mission

- Human game host will take you through the mission via video feed for the entire game

- Competitive component to the game keeps everyone engaged

- Suitable for other purposes such as large recruitment assessment or student onboarding!


Check out the game below...

Tower of Tea-vil

Can you stop the Tower of Tea-vil being built?

Your gang of spies have been hired for a secret job - to break into the offices of a rogue company planning to build THE TOWER OF TEA-VIL.

This tower will supposedly be able to send out a transmission that'll destroy all tea supplies across the world - denying anyone a cup of tea ever again.

Is this a plot from big coffee? Does someone just really not like tea? Whatever the reasons, you need to find the plans for this Tower of Tea-vil as quickly as possible.

You have an hour until you're rumbled! Are you up to it? Can you save the future of tea, or will we all be doomed to drink hot lemon water for the rest of our lives?

Can you explain a little more?


Everyone joins the video call - your host will be waiting for you!


You are briefed on how the game works and your mission. You are then split into subteams (but you will all continue to watch the same host feed throughout the game!).


Your game host guides you through the game via video feed – encountering puzzles along the way! Each puzzle will have a time limit.


Each subteam will be able to talk amongst themselves to try and solve the puzzle, entering their answer within the time limit. For every puzzle a subteam gets right, they get points!


You will continue being guided through the game and solving puzzles until the mission objective is complete!


The subteam with the highest number of points wins!

Do you have something I can share with my colleagues?

Click the link below to see this explainer as a PDF that you can download and share with colleagues.

How does the booking process work?

Follow the steps below to go from interest to having your online teambuilding activity ready to go...


Get in touch with us via the enquiry form below to book your virtual experience. Once we know the group size you want, we'll get you scheduled in.


You can either let us randomly decide teams, or you can let us know in advance who you want in each!

Receive instructions

We'll give you all the information you need to join us on the day! We are using Zoom at present. Let the games begin...

Corporate Package Pricing

Please see a price breakdown below.

Group Size

10-20 People


21-40 People


41-70 People


71-100 People


Enquire below

Alternatively, you can also email us at

This activity is not just for corporate groups. If you would like to explore using this game for another purpose, such as large recruitment assessments or student induction bonding, then by all means get in touch!