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What are you, Alternate Escapes?

Experiences have moved to the top of our list. We want moments that engage us and delight us.

We do our bit, by providing experiences that inject fun, bonding and the occasional dose of humour into your lives.
You may notice that one of our favourite ways of doing this is through escape room type experiences. But anything game related floats our boat, as its our belief that game-centred design can deliver the best experiences. Period.

You'll find us in Manchester, but Geography is no restriction - we've got experiences you can enjoy from anywhere!

What experiences have you got?

Online escape room


Collaborative online escape room games, perfect for smaller groups!

Teambuilding and social activities


Bonding for colleagues - perfect for teambuilding or socials!

Our escape room customers said...

The guy running it is very enthusiastic and fun, and the room was full of versatile clues and funny props.

A humourous activity! The puzzles were super entertaining and challenging. Thoroughly enjoyed and definitely recommend to anyone looking for something a bit different than your average escape room.

The room was fun and quirky and the games and puzzles were much more interesting than your usual number puzzle type of escape room. I hope more rooms are added soon as we would definitely come back!

Escape Room Pricing

Different games for different situations!

Game Type

Online Games

2 to 6 people


Physical Rooms

2 to 6 people

£18 to £23 per person

Large Remote Groups

10 to 100 people

£190 to £340 (launch offer price)

Where Are We?